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The event was organised on behalf of Fundhive, New Union, Kingsland and soBIG with the directors taking time off their busy schedules to represent the respective companies to celebrate the occasion with a total of 30 underprivileged women and children residing in FCC.

As part of the spirit of celebration, the participants were divided into three groups and engaged in two games led by members/ volunteers from FCC, and Love Action Project. The children and women started off by playing a game of Amazing Race, where each team were supposed to complete three tasks:

  1. Complete drinking a bottle of unknown beverage,
  2. Finding sweets in a container filled with flour, and
  3. Navigating a biscuit from his/her eye down to the mouth.

Following that, the teams went on to play the second game, Tangle Hands, where members from each team were required to hold hands amongst each other, and untangle themselves to form a circle. The games were simple yet enjoyable, and it was heartening to see everyone participating in the game sportingly. The birthday celebration was next, with six of the October Birthday babies (including volunteers alike) collectively stepping forward to make a wish and blow off the candles in celebration of their respective birthdays.

Mr Adrel Poh, Director, Fundhive/Kingsland proceeded to present each birthday baby with a set of gift vouchers. In view of the Children’s Day celebration, Mr Amos Poh, Director, New Union and Mr Leslie Han, Project Director, SoBIG also presented each of the children with a small gift, which brought smiles to all their faces. The celebration was completed when everyone was treated to a sumptuous spread of pizzas and snacks, which were also sponsored as part of the event. This event was especially meaningful as the directors and volunteers not only provided an avenue of celebration for the women and children, but also engaged them in deeper conversations to understand the challenges they were facing.

The stories of these women were one of strength and faith, as each of them openly shared their struggles of having to raise their children on their own. Their optimism coupled with the sensibility exemplified by their children brought about comfort to everyone who heard their stories, and also incited moments of reflection amongst the volunteers and members present. Indeed, the event was greatly appreciated by the staff and rep of the FCC. Mr Ong, a Volunteer at the FCC, thanked the companies for stepping forward to make this day a very special one for everyone. A meaningful Saturday for everyone who volunteered at the FCC, and yet another successful event that highlights the respective companies’ social spirit, and its unwavering effort to bring about compassion and unconditional giving to our society.

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